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Welcome to our Family

We are an international, non-profit organization, and since 2013 we have been helping people living in vulnerable places. Our goal is to promote solidarity and support between people to contribute to the development and welfare of all humans, particularly those most in need both materially and spiritually.

Our Objectives:

  • Our organization has several aspirations/ambitions (one or the other), primarily to help
  • To provide communities with low-income children, with adequate food
  • Provide supplies, uniforms and tools for learning.
  • Develop support groups for nursing homes, where the elderly have clean medical services, food, clothing, and having classes of interest available at their disposal.
  • Purchase bibles and seek support from organizations to bring the word of god to the prisons
  • Create bridges to educate new communities, providing a profession and new way to cope
  • To educate new communities, providing a new line of work and way to cope
  • Create churches and buildings where we can provide the word of God.
  • Create youth support groups where current issues that occur can be helped and guided

Our Mission

The mission of our non-profit organization is to help people who are interested in living in a better world, in a clean world where God is the priority, where bad people become good and avoid evil, theft, abuse, drugs and everything that affects our future. We want to provide the word of God so that people receive the value of our heavenly Father and feel accepted, approved, forgiven, confident and in control, that they feel how valuable we are for our God.

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