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About Us

We are an international, non-profit organization. Since 2013 we have been helping individuals living in vulnerable areas get the help they need. Our goal is to promote solidarity and support the people to contribute to the development and welfare of all individuals. We especially want to assist those most in both material and spiritual needs.

Sobre Nosotros

Somos una organización internacional, sin fines de lucro. Desde 2013 hemos estado ayudando a las personas que viven en zonas vulnerables y reciben la ayuda que necesitan. Nuestro objetivo es promover la solidaridad y apoyar a las personas para contribuir al desarrollo y bienestar de todos los individuos. En especial queremos ayudar a los más necesitados con necesidades materiales y espirituales.


Our Mission

The mission of our non-profit organization is to help people who are interested in living in a better world, in a clean world where God is the priority, where bad people become good and avoid evil, theft, abuse, drugs and everything that affects our future. We want to provide the word of God so that people receive the value of our heavenly Father and feel accepted, approved, forgiven, confident and in control, that they feel how valuable we are for our God.

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